The Piedmont team ready for ProWein (March 24/26)

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The Piedmont team is getting ready for Prowein, the wine show to be staged in Düsseldorf from March 24 to 26. The trip will be organised by the Piemonte Land of Perfection super consortium, formed to harmonise the promotional strategies of the region’s main wine consortia (Asti, Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Roero, Brachetto d’Acqui, Barbera Vini d’Asti e del Monferrato, Gavi) and producers’ associations (Produttori Moscato and Vignaioli Piemontesi). Sixty-one wineries will take part in the trip to recreate a mini Piedmont in the 300 square-metre Italy Pavilion (PAD 3 /AREA C11 B11 C06). “The idea to work as a team and turn out as one under the Piedmont flag is convincing and effective,” says Andrea Ferrero, president of Piemonte Land of Perfection. “Proof of the fact is the number of companies joining in — 61 at Prowein. They have understood that you can’t go round the world selling wine in pell-mell fashion, that we have to join the forces of Piedmontese viticulture to form a common front against the fierce competition of the world’s great wine regions on international markets. We set out on this road in 2012 and it’s yielding its first results. We’re continuing to believe in it this year too, convinced it’s the right one for the future of Piedmont.” Italy is Germany’s main wine supplier, providing 36% of total volume, followed by France with 27%. Piedmont alone exports about 60% of its wine. Piedmont in numbers
  •  20,000 wineries
  • 45,000 hectares of vineyards
  • 2,400,000 hectolitres of wine produced in 2012
  •  60% of the wine produced in Piedmont is earmarked for foreign markets :  66 million bottles of Asti (81% of total production), 20 million bottles of Moscato d’Asti (78% of total production), 8 million bottles of Barolo (65% of total production), 2.5 million bottles of Barbaresco (55% of total production), 10 million bottles of Barbera d’Asti (40% of total production), 8 million bottles of Gavi (70% of total production), 1.5 million bottles of Brachetto d’Acqui (30% of total production).

Piedmontese wineries at Prowein 2013, Düsseldorf

Winery Province web
Agricola Gian Piero Marrone Cuneo www.agricolamarrone.com
Alario Claudio Azienda Agricola Cuneo www.alarioclaudio.it
Amalia Cascina in Langa Cuneo www.cascinaamalia.it
Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero Cuneo www.oliveropietro.it
Azienda Agricola Addari Loredana Podere Ruggeri Corsini Cuneo www.ruggericorsini.com
Azienda Agricola Antichi Poderi dei Gallina di Francone Marco Cuneo www.franconevini.com
Azienda Agricola Brovia Cuneo www.brovia.net
Azienda Agricola Bussia Soprana Cuneo www.bussiasoprana.it
Azienda Agricola Ca’ du Rabajà di Alutto Lorenzo Cuneo www.cadurabaja.com
Azienda Agricola Cairel Cuneo
Azienda Agricola Forteto della Luja – Oasi W.W.F. Asti www.fortetodellaluja.it
Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Cortese Cuneo www.cortesegiuseppe.it
Azienda Agricola La Trava di Maria Grazia Rivetti Cuneo www.latrava.it
Azienda Agricola Luca Ferraris Asti www.lucaferraris.it
Azienda Agricola Molino Cuneo www.molinovini.com
Azienda Agricola San Biagio Cuneo www.barolosanbiagio.com
Azienda Agricola San Marco Cuneo www.vinisanmarco.com
Azienda Paitin Cuneo www.paitin.it
Azienda Vitivinicola Rizzi di Dellapiana Ernesto Cuneo www.cantinarizzi.it
Barale Fratelli Cuneo www.baralefratelli.it
Battaglino Fabrizio Cuneo www.battaglino.com
Belcolle Cuneo www.belcolle.it
Bera Azienda Agricola Cuneo www.bera.it
Bocchino Giuseppe Azienda Agricola Asti www.vinibocchino.it
Boroli Cuneo www.boroli.it
Bric Castelvej Cuneo www.gallinodomenico.com
Bricco Maiolica Azienda Agricola Cuneo www.briccomaiolica.it
Broglia Alessandria www.broglia.it
Cagliero Azienda Agricola Cuneo www.cagliero.com
Cantina Clavesana Cuneo www.inclavesana.it
Cantina Gigi Rosso Cuneo www.gigirosso.com
Cantina L’Cavis Cuneo www.cantinalcavis.com
Cantina La Torricella Cuneo www.latorricella.eu
Cantina Sociale di Casorzo e Zone Limitrofe Asti www.casorzodoc.it
Cantina Sociale di Mombercelli e Paesi Limitrofi Asti www.terreastesane.it
Cantina Sociale di Vinchio-Vaglio Serra Asti www.vinchio.com
Cantine Bava Asti www.bava.com
Capetta Ivip Cuneo www.capetta.it
CarlindePaolo Asti www.carlindepaolo.com
Cascina Adelaide Cuneo www.cascinaadelaide.com
Cascina Blengio Asti www.cascinablengio.it
Cascina Chiese Cuneo
Cascina del Monastero di Grasso Giuseppe Cuneo www.cascinadelmonastero.it
Cascina Nervi Vercelli www.nervicantine.it
Cascina Saria Cuneo www.cascinasaria.it
Cascina Tiole Cuneo www.cascina-tiole.com
Castello di Neive Cuneo www.castellodineive.it
Col dei Venti Asti www.coldeiventi.com
Consorzio Tutela del Gavi Alessandria www.consorziogavi.com
Cuvage Alessandria www.cuvage.com
Dezzani S.r.l. Asti www.dezzani.it
Dosio Vigneti Cuneo www.dosiovigneti.com
Erredierre / Dacapo Asti www.dacapo.it
Ferrero Federico Cuneo www.ferrerofederico.it
Ferrero Fratelli Cuneo www.baroloferrero.com
Francesco Rinaldi & Figli Cuneo www.rinaldifrancesco.it
Francomondo di Mondo Valerio Asti www.francomondo.net
Fratelli Giacosa Cuneo www.giacosa.it
Giacomo Sperone – Tenute Neirano Asti www.giacomosperone.com
Guasti Clemente e Figli Asti www.clementeguasti.it
L’Armangia Azienda Agricola di Giovine Ignazio Asti www.armangia.it
La Gironda Asti www.lagironda.com
Lano Gianluigi Azienda Agricola Cuneo www.lanovini.it
Le Cecche Azienda Agricola di De Bruyne Jan Cuneo www.lececche.com
Manera Fratelli Cuneo www.maneravini.com
Mossio Fratelli Cuneo www.mossio.com
Nizza Silvano Cuneo www.nizzasilvano.com
Oddero Poderi e Cantine Cuneo www.oddero.it
Palladino Azienda Vinicola Cuneo www.palladinovini.com
Pelassa Daniele Cuneo www.pelassa.com
Penna Luigi & Figli Cuneo www.pennaluigi-figli.it
Perlino Asti www.perlino.com
Peyrani Vini Asti www.peyrani-vini.it
Podere Gallo Cuneo www.cascina-rapalino.com
Poderi Einaudi Cuneo www.poderieinaudi.com
Revello Fratelli Cuneo www.revellofratelli.com
Rivetti Mario Cuneo www.mariorivetti.it
Rivetti Massimo Azienda Agricola Cuneo www.rivettimassimo.it
Seghesio Renzo Pajana Cuneo www.renzoseghesio.com
Simone Scaletta Viticoltore Cuneo www.simonescaletta.it
Tacchino Luigi Alessandria www.luigitacchino.it
Tenuta Montanello Cuneo www.tenutamontanello.it
Terre da Vino Cuneo www.terredavino.it
Viberti Giovanni Cuneo www.viberti-barolo.com
Vigneti Luigi Oddero e Figli Cuneo www.vignetiluigioddero.it

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